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    Guys, i need some help here, i just put a new housing on my 650 but i think i screwed up the connectors going to my screen, its not lighting up, i have power as when i plug my battery in i get a blinking light and i can also get my keys to light up. Any suggestions would be helpful.
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    Connections are loose. Open it up and make sure the keyboard and screen connections are secure. No biggie.
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    I had the same problem last night and realized that getting the screen connector back into its socket takes a little more pressure than the keyboard connector.

    Towards the end of the ribbon cable, there is an edge created by the sandwich, that you can use your fingernail to push against, to get it all the way into the socket.

    The darker plastic of the ribbon cable shouldn't extend more than about a millimeter from the socket housing when you're done.

    Good luck!


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