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    I got my used 650 today and after loading apps and playin for a few hrs with the pda, everything is working great.
    Then....i had class at 8 tonight and with the phone nearly 100 percent charged, i noticed that i had no service in the classroom for the full 2 hrs which is normal with my other phones as well. Well, the 650 battery level bar, once i had no signal (i watched this happen), just plummeted down about 1/8 of the bar every 3 seconds till it was basically dead...i turned the phone radio off and it stayed at the red low batt. lvl from there on. I know it uses more power when searching for a signal, but its not supposed to just die like that. By the way i had charged it right before so it should still be almost full now. Any ideas?

    Just to know:
    -I updated to 1.05 (Verizon) today with no problems at all except that now when i search for my Moto H700 bluetooth device it goes to ask for my passkey and then it says the keypad is locked, screen goes off, and goes back to the apps screen when i turn it back on. (
    -I only have a few apps that have no resetting problems so far:
    Adobe reader, blocks, bowling, crazyfaces, diddlebug, dopewars, ereader, filez, gem heist, lemmings, megabowling, microquad, prison, snap, and solfree...
    -I do not have internet on my phone, and i keep the phone on all the time so far because, well, a cell phone should always be on if the device is powered on..and once again it shouldnt die like this even if it is in a low or no-signal zone.
    -The ebay auction i won it on said the battery was one of the numerous new items it came with and it looks new besides a small rip in the barcode on it making it probably unreadable (dont know why??)

    Any help with this or the bluetooth problem would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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    If your phone does that and it's not a software conflict, you got hosed. It of course shouldn't do that.

    Nor should it do anything with the bluetooth. I think maybe you need to do a hard reset and see if this sort of behavior persists. if that's the only programs you have installed, it doesn't seem it would be doing anything like that. Snap is the only one I recognise that would run in the background.
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    well i was just mentioning the BT problem just to give a heads-up on my treo's situation..not saying they are related although the BT problem persists..and i also i cant really test out the battery problem in relation to not having a signal because im rarely out of range of service..hmm dont know what to do. Could getting a new battery off ebay be a good idea? i found one for about 10 bucks shipped...OEM new
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    Highly improbable it's your battery, although they do get weaker with age and usage. Yes, you will use more battery when there is no signal, any cell does, but what you described is obviously not normal.

    Did the phone get warm during this time?
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    not especially warm don;t think its the battery? another board told me to just get a new battery and its most likely that. god i hope it is cause it sucks having to replace a phone you just waited for lol
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    You might try TreoHelper. It has settings to control how often the Treo checks for service. My wife has very low signal strength where she works and using this helped reduce battery drain on her 650.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrfaris View Post
    You might try TreoHelper. It has settings to control how often the Treo checks for service. My wife has very low signal strength where she works and using this helped reduce battery drain on her 650.
    ProfileCare also does this.. You can define a low battery profile to reduce usage, and also there's a setting that lets you turn off the phone if out of coverage for more than N minutes and recheck every N minutes.
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    It kind of sounds like a bad battery to me. Try the new one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden View Post
    Thanks for the input but this happens often now when doing anything for a few minutes..playing a game, making a call, camera, etc...anyof those drains the battery from full to nothing/dead in about 2-5 minutes...and when the phone is full and just sitting idle with the screen on or off, it still drains a few percent within 10 minutes or so with no activity which is way i know this isnt normal..still waiting on batteries, should get one within a day or two

    Edit: see, I had the battery charged to 100...well went down to 99%...then i made a call to Bank of America and went through their phone menus for 2 minutes and the battery is already down to 70% and in no time 48%...and then i tried it with my SD card out (most of the apps are on the SD card so that eliminated any of them being the culprit) it's GOTTA be the battery...oh God I hope it is. I'll go backup and do a hard reset and try again back

    also when i hung up the phone, the battery level went back up to a measly 58% but it still went up..whatever that means..
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    k i just did a backup with NVBackup and removed my card and then did a hard reset...then with all factory everything on the phone and no card in, i made a call and it still died in no time, so i know its none of the software. I guess now its between battery and hardware and im really routing for battery! like i said before i wont know what to do if the new battery doesnt solve it...i wish i knew what else i could do.
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    Yes, if it is still doing it after a hard reset, it is the battery or hardware. . . . I am sort of leaning towards battery. . . . .

    How old is the Treo or battery?
    Who is your carrier?
    Are you under warranty or a warranty program?

    My thought is this -- if you are under warranty -- go to the apporpriate party (carrier or Palm) and explain the situation and say hey: "I don't want to buy a new battery if it is the hardware, how do we fix this . . . . ?"

    If you are on your own -- I would buy the new battery first -- if you do not have access to a spare for testing . . . . . . hey, know any one with a Treo or would your store have a battery long enough to do an in store test first . . . .?
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    well to answer that, i have this post from another forum so ill post that, but quickly, the phone was from ebay, no warranty, no real way of replacing for another one or anything like that....i'm on verizon and the ebay auction had said new battery but it doesnt look new as u can see from the pics below and also when i told the seller about my situation and asked him about the battery, he never actually said that it in fact was new but he just took my address and said he'll ship another battery let me know what you think.

    One of my posts from forums:

    well the ebay auction is here, so check that out:

    ...the seller seems nice, the treo is fine in all other aspects, got a wall charger, usb cord, two car chargers and new battery cover and the battery..

    he said he will send another one so i gave him my address again and i also bought this one on ebay that says new OEM:

    ....just to be sure, so im getting two actually within a few days.

    unfortunately i dont have any friends who own treos around to test out their battery..that would be ideal. also i can post a picture of the ripped barcode on the battery when im back from class..

    K here's two pics of the battery and two more of the phone just for fun..

    lemme know what you think of the strange tear in the barcode lol
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    That battery does look worn. The seller seems okay, if they willing to send you a replacement. Hopefully, this will do the trick.

    If it doesn't and the sale was very recent, maybe they would do a replacement on the Treo -- ebay "businesses" hate bad reviews. . . . .and it appears that that e-bay web link was more than an individual selling their old unit. . . .
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    first off, the ebay auction isn't an individual selling his phone, he has a lot of phones in quantity including that one and they are mostly used, some new for more money (mostly GSM) but its a wholesale thing..and i already gave him good feedback so it's too late to threaten with negative FB. Also, the more i've used the phone, the more it seems that the rapid drain is mostly (if not solely) occurring when i'm actually using the phone on a call..i only remember the drain happening while doing something else on it maybe two other times. Does it mean anything if its only happening when on a call? A problem with the phone radio? Or could that still very well mean that it's a battery problem? Thanks again.
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    Phone calls are the largest battery drain -- sending and recieving and sometimes increasing the power used going out to make sure the signal "out" gets to the tower . . . . so it is possible that it is a radio power glitch -- but my vote is still for that it is a bad battery -- as the phone would be the biggest draw and would weaken a bad battery the fastest of any use. . . .

    I will keep my fingers crossed. . . .
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    yeah man i hear ya...fingers are crossed for me too lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by guts311 View Post
    yeah man i hear ya...fingers are crossed for me too lol

    Send me a private message either way when you test out the batteries . . . . .
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    will do..thanks for your interest

    i'll post here when I find out
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    Hi all,

    My treo 650 seems to have the same problem. The Phone & PDA work fine. But the Treo 650 battery is a horrible! 3~4 months back the battery could last very long for about 3~5 days but now it barely last more then a day after less then one year of usage.

    Normally when the Treo 650 phone is off, the battery should not drain so fast. Mine Treo battery can easily finish all the battery juice in less than 24 hrs even i off the phone.

    Just wonder what is the average battery life after fully charged. Believed it should last more then 2 days if it more than a year of usage, right ?

    Can someone give some figures, just to get a feel see if everybody treo battery is ok. Thanks
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