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    Wanting to connect my treo to a portable DVD player's video in.
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    Hmmm . . . the only built in "out" function on the Treo is thru the headphone jack and that is sound only. If you are just trying to play sound thru the DVD's speakers -- you just need to head down to Radio Shack and find the appropriate cable -- just be careful on the Treo's volume setting -- you do not want to blow out the input on the DVD player.

    Are you desiring to supply your portable DVD player with a video you have on the SD card, or just a larger screen to view normal screen images?

    I am not sure if anyone has hacked a video out scenario . . .
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    Right now I have the slingbox and anxiously awaiting 700p support. I'd like to be able to use it for the kids to watch TV/Movies on long trips, but would like the option of connecting to a larger screen, like a portable dvd player.
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    For streaming content remotely, you can do either Slingbox or Orb. That way you can stream whatever you have on your TV/PC directly to your phone.

    If you'd like to play video stored in the SD card, there was a product out there that read directly from storage devices (CF, SD, Memory stick, etc.) and feed it directly to a TV. I do not recall the company/name but it is out there.

    The only option closer to what you want is getting an SD-based VGA dongle. The likely problem there is lack of support for Palm OS drivers, but there's a slight chance it can do what you want.
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    iGo makes a product called the Pitch Duo. It's expensive and mainly for Power Point presentations. It looks like it will do video out but, not very well. Better off springing for a portable DVD player.

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