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    Hi all,

    I had Auto Off Extender installed and it was working perfectly. Then I installed ChatterEmail+ and since then, I've noticed that Auto Off Extender is auto-extending my Treo everytime.

    I have auto-off set to 30 sec, and auto-extend to 3 min after being off for less than 10 seconds. Even if I wait more than 10 seconds to turn the Treo back on, auto-off will always be set at 3 min.

    I am thinking this may be due to ChatterEmail+, and the fact that it keeps running in the background. Perhaps it "fools" Auto Off Extender into thinking the Treo is still "powered on"??

    Has anyone else noticed this issue??
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    I have no idea; sorry.

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    If you are using IMAP ChatterEmail+ constantly checks with the server to see if you have new mail. I set chattermail to check for mail from 5PM to midnight (when I'm generally not in the office) and lo and behold my battery started lasting for a whole day or more!
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    maninrochester - No, that's ENTIRELY wrong. Chatter NEVER "constantly" checks anything; please don't make statements like this without knowing the facts.


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