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    I have a 700P (Sprint) with Phone As Modem option. Using Sprint Connection Manager

    My question is does the Phone As Modem work when roaming?

    Best I can tell, the dial-up connection that Sprint Connection Manager made is using the #777 phone number. My guess is that phone number for network connection only works when connected to a Sprint tower.

    Is there another phone number for DUN when roaming on: (a) Verizon; (b) Alltel; (c) Bell Canada?

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    I don't think so. I've never gotten any data service while roaming. That's required for DUN. So if you can't browse the web from your Treo while roaming, DUN won't work from your computer. The only places I've ever roamed were middle of nowhere Maine snowboarding and while in Bermuda. I didn't even think the phone would work in Bermuda so that was a pleasant surprise. It was also a good way to force me to enjoy my vacation
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    Starting some time last year, Sprint's roaming agreements began to include data roaming. this has now been implemented in the latest PRL's. I do not have PAM service, but I can surf the web and receive e-mail while roaming in some areas, so it may be possible to use PAM while roaming. Try it and let us know. You should be able to find the right dialing strings for Verizon and Alltel by searching these forums.

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