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    Hi everybody: at last I have my copper 680 and learning to appreciate it.
    Got through the battery patch and the transfer/synch from my old Tungsten E apps.

    Now I'm ready for Web connection and the Treo seems to make GPRS contact, after my service company (Movistar) suggested some names for Wap and passwords and such.

    Now Im struggling with a final hurdle: Blazer keeps asking me for a Proxy setting. When I eliminate a proxy setting, things get worse and somehow I sense that a proxy setting is in order, together with a port number. The message is "Could not connect to the specified proxy" and I'm stuck!

    Please some advice as to what I should try? Thanks in advance.
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    im not exactly sure what you should do because i have tmobile and all i have to do was put in my sim card and i was ready right out the box i dont even have a data plan it connects through t-zones for free
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    The proxy would also come from your service provider along with the wap address and the rest of the info. Perhaps there is a help section on the movistar website that has this info already.
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    Thanks for replies. Unfortunately, up to now, my service provider, Movistar, has mot been very helpful. Trouble is they have just started selling Treos and are not very familiar with this smartphone.
    I'll keep trying,,,
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    The settings to access the service are the same whether you use a RAZR or treo. The same screen where the wap address is must also have proxy settings if they are needed. You may not need them.

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