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    I'm having a problem with my 700p (big surprise). My 5 way "up" and "p" key have had problems for a while now. They require a very heavy push to get them to register. About twice the effort of the other keys. Both are just getting worse with the age of the Treo (only about 9 months old).

    The other problem that just recently started is that my screen is starting to show certain shades of gray as pink. Not only that - but there are pink or sometimes blue shadows that go across the screen. It isn't like this all the time but I can really notice it when I'm in Chatter because the emails are alternating white/gray and when the screen is whacked out I noticed they are white/pink. Also, the on-screen telephone keypad the keys look like they have pink highlights instead of the blue-ish/gray highlights.

    Today my "up" key was really really sticking and my screen was, again, VERY pink. While trying to get the "up" key-press to register the screen went back to mostly okay. Almost like pressing on the 5 way button fixed the screen turning pink problem.

    Does anybody have an explanation or is anybody else having this problem? Its very frustrating.
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    I had the same problem.. my screen was pink when I first got it. I didn't know there was a difference until my wife got hers. when I saw her screen, I nearly flipped... I ended up taking mine back to get a better one... it took 8 time before I found a unit that looked like my wifes.. I think there was a bad batch that all had bad screens.. when did u get ur treo?
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    I got mine about 8 months ago. The weird thing is - the pink screen thing is random. Its not like that now - but it'll eventually go back to pink.

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