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    hi !
    new to the forum .
    just read thru the whole audio problem tread , but seems like that doesn't fix my problem so far .

    i have a 650 with cingular ... and they do not insure it ... so i am really up the creek .

    from 1 minute to the other .. when i call .. i cannot hear anything on the phone itself .
    they can hear me , but i cannot .. unless i do the headset ... that i really don't like .
    or i can use the speaker phone , but that kind of sucks in public .

    any idea what i can do ?

    thank you all
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    My treo 680 has the same problem. I have sent it to be looked at by fixyourpda store on Ebay. He does good work. Hopefully he an let me know what he finds and I can report back to you.
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    It's a long-shot given the symptoms, but maybe you could give Freedom a demo try -- set its "manual" pref to "Speaker".


    Treo 650 1.20 LAP.
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    You probably have the headset jack problem that Treo 650's are known for... I have it on mine...

    To get mine to work I put the headset plug in mostly then wiggle it around... it appears that their is a connector inside that things a headset is plugged in when it's not...

    You can read more about it here, who also tells you how to fix it but you have to solder some connections inside your phone:

    Good luck

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    I am having the same problem on my brand new replacement 680. That means now two serious problems - battery life (the new unit is just as useless as the first one) and the speaker problem. I will make one more trip to the New York Palm store and get it replaced again. If I have any more problems, I am not sure what I will do. Maybe go back to my 600, buzz and all. I am so mad at Palm. They really have a nerve to put this thing on the market with this kind of problem.
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    I'll guess you have a bad headset jack (you probably don't see an option for speakerphone on the display)

    My 650 did this, Sprint ended up swapping out the unit

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