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    Hi, i have a treo 650 and i never use the headset jack yet. I want to listen to music and watch video while being quiet to others. I was going to get a wired earbud thingies but i read somewhere on this forum that i need to get a 2.5mm to 3.5mm audio adapter and the headset jack would broke easily. So i guess buying a wired earphone is not a good idea. So the only other solution is to get a bluetooth headset. now i have a motorola hs820 which is probably not going to work with tcpmp or kinoma. what is a cheap solution here(under $50)?
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    You will be able to find a Seidio audio adapter for the Treo multi-function connector. This will not use (therefore not break) the 2.5MM jack.

    It works quite well for listening with any standard 3.5MM stereo headphones. You will not need any 2.5 to 3.5 convertor.

    This connection will not have any microphone function, so the standard Treo handheld mic will be in use for calls.

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