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    Just noticed this morning that the left side of my keyboard is sunken in. Basically from the Dial keys and all the keys to the left.

    I don't get the fresh 'click' sound naymore when typing. I haven't noticed this before. So, I got an advance exchange from palm. for a new Artic 680.
    Kind of annoying. At least I have options though.

    N E way, has anyone else had build quality issues with the 680's keyboard? Never had a keyboard problem with my 650 or 600.
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    No problems so far. But I don't put it in my pocket, I use a case or in my shirt pocket. I've dropped it a couple times, but it's still been solid! No keyboard problems or broken displays (noted another post where someone supposedly dropped it less than 8 inches and had the screen break). I dropped it several feet onto asphalt and other than the batter cover popping off, it's still ticking.

    I'd recommend a rubber case or something similar to prevent cosmetic scratches. I just used matching autobody paint to fill in the gouges from the drop.
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    it sounds like what my right shift key just did on my 650. I opened it and fixed it somehow, because now it feels right again.
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    I have the same problem with my right 5-way. It works but doesnt "click". Palm's sending me a replacement. Lets see how long that takes.
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    My Treo keeps ringing. Shall I answer it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pighood View Post
    My Treo keeps ringing. Shall I answer it?
    I suggest checking the caller id first. Sometimes when it rings, it may not be someone you'd like to speak with at that time. But if it seems to be someone you'd like to speak to, then i recommend answering it.
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    It's some chap called "figgy." He's selling snack cakes.

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