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    How would I configure the Treo 650 and PC to allow my Treo's SD card to be accessible as a drive on my PC?

    Couldn't find precisely that on the forums.

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    Best way is to get a cheap USB card reader. Pop the card out of the Treo and into the card reader.

    Good luck!

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    I was hoping for a wireless connection via BT, or a USB connection (but I understand for the USB connection you need to buy s/w).
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    Card Reader

    Allows you to used the Treo as a card reader with a cable, they appear to be working on a BT connection for it, but it doesn't work for me yet.
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    Check out a the company Softick. I believe they make a software called BT Commander it does exactly what you want.

    They also make software that will do what you want via USB cable.

    I may the names of the software wrong but heres the link to their site.
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    You can also intiate file transfers to and from the Treo and SD card with SMBmate which used to be freeware. I think you can still download from MTDN.

    You need to setup Reverse DUN on your Treo first.

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