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    I'm ready to upgrade from my 600; my provider (Rogers in Canada) offers the 680 at $100 more than the 650. Based on the following usage, do I get much benefits from the 680 - worth the extra money? The reason I'm thinking of updating is better resolution, more memory, faster (?) processor.

    In order of my most often usage of the 600:
    PalmReader for reading on the subway
    Phone use - a few minutes a day, if that ("Hi, I'll be there in 5 minutes, bye")
    Games such as BounceOut, TextTwist, Klondike
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    For your functionality it's just about the same on both.

    I think the biggest thing to consider is the form factor and $100. Oh yes and the fact that the 650 is EOL and less stable. For most people who aren't heavy users I think the choice was an easy one in favor of the 680. Of course your on the 680 forum so what else would you expect?
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    Just upgraded from 600-680 last week, so far so good, much better than the 600
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    same here, even though 650 users may not appreciate the difference i upgraded from the 600 to the 680 and couldnt be happier...cept for the lack of wifi so far
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