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    There seems to be some glitch in speed dial and the numbers that show up when you hit the space key. I have numbers for a different person show up. I have deleted button, re entered name and selected the number I wanted only to find when I hit the space bar that I still have both the good numbers but also a number from another person. I sent in and deleted contact infor for the person whose number I wanted and then after deleting the speed dial button, recaptured the number from my contact file for the speed dial. Still I did not get rid of other persons number. It is as if I was not able to erase all the info in the button when I deleted it.

    Any suggestions. I searched but could not find this on the search.

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    there are no responses. does that mean I am the only one with the problem?

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    There are times when more than one contact share the same number, e.g. a home number or main company number. Hitting the space bar on a favorite that points to the shared number might invoke numbers from multiple contacts that share it. At least this is what I observed. Since I don't use this feature, it doesn't bother me. I normally do a contacts search when making phone calls. I use favorites buttons only for often used phone numbers and using quick keys to dial the favorite. At least you got a response.
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    Thanks ChemEngr. Over the years since t 300 you have come to my rescue.


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