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    Im looking to buy my first Treo and luckily I found this forum. Ive narrowed it down to the 650 or 680. I dont like the antenna on the 650 but I see I can buy a smaller one from a member of this forum. Im wondering if theres any reason I should pay double the price to get a 680 instead of a 650. My main uses will be:

    Video from SD Card. The 8GB SD cards are compatible with both the 650 and 680 correct? Will I get better video performance from one over the other?

    Music from SD Card. This is going to replace my ipod. Is one better than the other? Do they use standard headphone jacks and do they put out decent stereo sound?

    Games. I would love to put an NES and/or SNES emulator on the Treo. I see alot of people prefer something called LJP. Does that work on both the 650 and 680? Can I play NES/SNES?

    Internet isnt a huge deal to me because I understand EDGE is painfully slow. Do either of these phones support WiFi SD cards?

    Regular usage (Phone/Calendar/Tasks/Etc). Does one have an advantage over the other or are the OS's exactly the same? Will they both be just as responsive/quick? I think I read that one can be overclocked making it quicker but Im not sure which one.

    I understand this is alot of questions, and Im extremely grateful for any help anyone can give. I did alot of searches before making this post and learned alot but I would like to hear some responses before making a decision.

    Finally, the price points. From what Ive seen, a decent quality 650 is ~$200 on Ebay, while a 680 directly from Palm is $399. The thing I dont like about buying a used 650 is no warranty support, and their used so you never know what youre gonna get and if there is something wrong youre likely screwed. Can anyone comment on Palms 30 day return policy? Has anyone had trouble getting a refund from them? Does the product have to be defective or can I return it if Im simply not satisfied? Again, I really appreciate any help anyone can give me! Thanks!!
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    Do not get the 680. Battery issues. Can not hold a charge. Wait for something else. I did like my 650.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mtgdoc View Post
    Do not get the 680. Battery issues. Can not hold a charge. Wait for something else. I did like my 650.
    Just because you have battery issues does not mean it's across the board because it's not. Mine is great and so are most of the people here.

    The sound output is good but I think my Ipod still does it better with a broader range of sound, especially on the low end. Plus the battery in the ipod is much larger and will last much much longer especially if you play video.

    The 680 uses standard EARPHONE jacks which is smaller than regular audio jacks. You will need an adapter.

    The 680 does not have a wifi card that works yet although I heard they may be working on the sled to make that work.

    The OS's are mostly the same but there are tweaks to the 680 and the contact and phone interface has been greatly changed. If your used to the old style then it will take getting used to but if your new it's immaterial.

    There are people using the 8GB cards on the 680.

    I like the 680 more than the 650 for many reasons although stability is a HUGE reason. Also the smaller form factor is very much easier to live with. I think you'll find the majority of people prefer the 680 with a few exceptions.

    As for used 650 versus new 680, personally I never sweat $200 especially if this is something you use everyday all throughout the day but everyone is different.
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    680 beats 650 hands down - you need to realize the 680 is smaller - just condition the battery and buy another one for backup and keep it charged - this is my best treo (680) to date - good luck
    Cingular 680
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    I upgraded from the 650 to the 680 to evaluate it for work reasons. At this time, even with the battery issues, I'd never go back to my 650.

    At the same time, I understand the pricing concerns. My question is, what do you need an "unlocked GSM" phone for? It's only ~$200.00 if you get one that is branded. Just pick a really good carrier that covers the majority of your needs. After you've maintained your contract for a set period of time, you can request to have your phone unlocked so it's compatible with other vendors if you desire to switch.

    Just the difference between signal strenght (I get more bars with my non-antenna having 680 than I ever did with my 650, even when standing in the exact same spots. I checked before switching from the 650 to the 680). Voice clarity is better and the volume is much better (650 owners typically install a third-party app to overamp the volume on the 650 as it's just too quiet).

    The other big detractor from the 650, that isn't an issue with the 680, was it's memory footprint. Sure you'd say it was a phone with 32MB, but several of that was ROM only space, so you had only 24MB usable space to "store" programs. You also only had 10MB to actually run programs in, think of the other memory only as a disk drive or similar device. Run a corporate email app and you'd find that you couldn't run reliabily with any additional software. See for the full technical details.

    The 680 has significantly more space and performs much better with multiple apps. The overal fit-n-finish is just that much better. Now if only they'd come out with their software updates that clean up any remaining concerns we'd be all set with one phenominal phone.

    For those that need more battery power, this is still not a reason to get a 650. You can purchase a third-party battery that comes with a new cover for the battery compartment that extends the battery life 100%. I'm happy with the battery I've got and I picked up a spare for those times I'll not be by an outlet for a while. Just swap them and keep going.
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    Thanks for the responses. I went ahead and got a 680. The reason I need it unlocked is because Im already in a contract with Cingular and I dont wanna renew right now.

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