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    Is there anyway possible to get the images to show up in e-mails. For example I get daily ski reports but the images dont show, they just show up as red x's. Help!!!
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    you need to set your email client to download the whole message. most clients default to 5K or less per message.

    its also possible that the email is formatted in rich html, which most mobile clients don't support.
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    no. versamail shows pics at end of email of which you need to open as attachment - no other email client can do this for the treo.
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    I can see attachments just fine with Good Messaging. But perhaps you were refering to an email client that allows direct view of an HTML formated email message. In this respect, I don't know of an HTML viewable email application as the Blackberry for PalmOS doesn't do this either.

    Good, see them as attachments.
    Blackberry, again as attachments.
    VersaMail, again as attachments.

    Instead see if you can't create a bookmark for a webpage that you can view using your browser on the phone.

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