View Poll Results: How has your Treo 680 been operating?

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  • I'm having little to no problems right now! It's been great so far.

    82 67.21%
  • I have some problems, but I can live with them.

    32 26.23%
  • The Treo is problematic for me, and I'm almost regretting purchasing it.

    7 5.74%
  • What a waste of my time and money. Palm is going down the toilet fast.

    1 0.82%
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    This should be a very informative thread. We all see mixed posts either telling of the problems with the Treo 680, or that it works just fine and has little to no problems.

    So for the sake of knowing just how many are pleased and displeased with the device, please vote in the poll above so we all can see the percentage of people that have problems and those that have no problems.
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    So far I find the results very interesting. Although there is much discussion with the various problems with the 680, 75% of ones that voted say that they have little to no problems with the unit.

    Is it that the majority of people that post here are doing so because of just general problems they encounter? For some reason, I can't see people just making a thread by random chance saying, "Hey, the device is working great! Just thought I'd say hello."

    The poll is promising to new 680 users to say the least.

    Please vote if you have not done so yet. It just takes a second.
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    I've had little to no problem since i bought my Cing 680 2 months ago.
    The only REAL problems was the battery life and that had improved quite a bit lately. I;ve had only 1 or 2 crashes in 2 months.
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    Thanks for the input.

    The percentage has now jumped to 80% with little to no problems. I'm quite amazed and yet joyful at the same time.
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    Could anyone else give their option about the poll? What was your guess with the results when you first checked it out? I am wondering if I am the only one who was guessing different results.
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    I think since the battery is getting better, most are happy - some have strange network and dropped call problems though. My first treo, so I've got no other point of reference.
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    I've had mine since launch, well, maybe about a week after launch (hehe, people who ordered from the website will remember that one), but yeah, i haven't had any serious problems with it.

    I would consider myself a pretty heavy user. I use it for browsing, emails, IMs, PIM functions, google maps, money management, etc, etc. While it has crashed on me a few times it was always due to some 3rd party software conflict. Since I've removed most of the 'offending' software it rarely crashes.

    I don't have any real gripes, I love the antenaless design and that it's a bit more curvy, it would have been cool if they gave it the same kind of soft-touch paint that the 750 has, but it's not a deal killer.
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    Had mine since the Canadian launch (December 2006) and it's been great! Some third party program incompatibilities are popping up, but nothing that'll make me hate my little copper Treo.
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    I've had mine (Rogers) for about 3 weeks now. I moved from a T3. Other than reset loops with HandyAid, I've had no problems. Battery life is fine for me with the update installed. Quite pleased.

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    Good idea to do this poll and very interesting results. I would not have been surprised that most 680 owners in general are happy with their purchase (particularly after the camera patch) and I agree that a forum like this will heavily bias toward those who are not happy (which makes the results all the more surprising). A few weeks ago, you would have got the impression that almost every TREO owner on the planet was furious about the 680's performance, although the camera patch and a few other fixits have obviously improved things for many/most users. Nonetheless, I am a bit surprised that the poll, which is only seen by people who visit this forum, is showing such a strikingly positive response. I think this sample of the 680 user population will still be biased towards people who have had some trouble, so a real sample of the TREO owner population would likely show even more positive results.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Loyalty4Life View Post
    Could anyone else give their option about the poll? What was your guess with the results when you first checked it out? I am wondering if I am the only one who was guessing different results.
    For me, once the battery settled in, and I adjusted to the differences from my former use of a Tungsten C, I was/am very happy. I think it would have been harder to adjust had I owned a previous Treo. Many of the comments I read complain about things that are different from previous Treos. I was prepared to expect a lot of changes coming from a pda world, so I think that helped.
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    I had a problems in the beginning, but I changed out the SIM card at Cingular (twice) and did the camera update for the battery and it's progressively gotten better. No more dropped calls or drastic battery drains.

    Everyday, I see better and better performance. I think I have more patience than some. Coming from the 650, I understand these things take a lot of tweaking to get them exactly I read the threads here and go slowly. I have tons of third party apps, but I research every single one before putting on my Treo.

    Here on TC, I always go to "New Posts" first and look for the 680 threads. I notice there are usually a lot more open threads about the 700 and 750 than the 680. Compared to the problems the 650 had when it came out, the 680 is a dream...
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    I was a happy 650 user. The 680's battery drains so fast that I need to switch to something else. It is clearly a defective product.
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    Very happy with my 680 except for one thing - I cannot receive full-size MMS messages! I am getting thumbnail pictures, instead of full-screen! (Palm is working on this) Other than that - I am very happy with my 680!
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    I never had battery issues to begin with. I did install the patch though but haven't notice any enhanced battery performance or any resets. Aside from the crappy Voice Memo app and button I'm completely happy with my 680.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jessi_9783 View Post
    Aside from the crappy Voice Memo app and button I'm completely with my 680.
    And button? What are you referring to, specifically?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mtgdoc View Post
    I was a happy 650 user. The 680's battery drains so fast that I need to switch to something else. It is clearly a defective product.
    Did you install the patch that Palm released?
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    My 680 is fine. There's a few minor quirks, but I had the 650 when it was new and it was much, much worse. And the 680 is much more stable than the 650 was due to the much larger dbcache.

    I now have 20% or so left at the end of each day, so that's fine for my usage, so the battery isn't a big issue for me. And if I top it off for an hour at my desk during lunch, it's completely a non-issue for me.
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    IT IS STABLE... i have yet to install java nor opera mini yet but I plan to... otherwise I love how i can use palm PDF with no problem, the caching of webpages on blazer is so much better... i can run resco back-up and not expect a reset soon after using it...

    At times if does feel less zippy than my T650... but I can live with that...
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    The poll is not all that meaningful as it leaves out what I believe to be one of the biggest groups, and as a result whitewashes the phone and the way many users feel about it. There should be a choice that the 680 has a LOT of problems, disappointingly, so but I can live with it because I need it. Or alternatively, the next choice should be The Treo is problematic for me, and though I don't regret purchasing it, I regret Palm didn't do a better job. Bet either of those choices would get a plurality of users, and would more accurately reflect the phone as it is. It does NOT have SOME problems, it has a LOT of problems, but we HAVE to live with them. You may disagree but by not having that choice you'll never know.
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