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  • I'm having little to no problems right now! It's been great so far.

    82 67.21%
  • I have some problems, but I can live with them.

    32 26.23%
  • The Treo is problematic for me, and I'm almost regretting purchasing it.

    7 5.74%
  • What a waste of my time and money. Palm is going down the toilet fast.

    1 0.82%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Loyalty4Life View Post
    And button? What are you referring to, specifically?
    Wow, I was on crack when I wrote that. The side button that's mapped to the voice memo app doesn't work when the phone is off, even when keygaurd is off and the app can't save to SD card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdavis View Post
    The poll is not all that meaningful as it leaves out what I believe to be one of the biggest groups, and as a result whitewashes the phone and the way many users feel about it. There should be a choice that the 680 has a LOT of problems, disappointingly, so but I can live with it because I need it. Or alternatively, the next choice should be The Treo is problematic for me, and though I don't regret purchasing it, I regret Palm didn't do a better job. Bet either of those choices would get a plurality of users, and would more accurately reflect the phone as it is. It does NOT have SOME problems, it has a LOT of problems, but we HAVE to live with them. You may disagree but by not having that choice you'll never know.
    Choice number three would be the one most would pick from the list with your description. Sure, there are people that need this phone. But they could easily revert back to their previous Treo, the 650 for example. I don't think many people are "stuck" with the 680 as you might imagine...
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    When I had my 650 it would be stable for a while, then the trouble would creep back into it. I'd do a wipe and re-install, keeping only a few aftermarket apps like Directory Assistant, but no matter what the problems would return. Freezes, resets, crashes.

    Now, with my 680 and it's doubled up RAM compared to the 650, these problems are a thing of the past. No resets in the several months I've owned it! And with the camera/battery patch my battery life is what I had expected. I've given up my Blackberry addiction for this Treo. Anybody want to buy a Pearl?
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    I'm quite happy with my Treo, especially since installing the battery patch. Battery life is enough for my use.
    I still miss some advanced phone features I used to have on my cellphone, though (like voice-dialling over Bluetooth, for example). But I guess it's the price to pay to have a Palm that's also a phone (or a phone that's also a Palm). But I think that in comparison with Windows Mobile-based PDAphones Palm still has a lot of work to do...
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    Treo is working fine. It is the #I*^ Bluetooth thats stinks!! Plantonice 655 that I bought is the WORST!! Stay away!!
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    My 680 is working just fine. I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with the bluetooth. I have a plantronics discovery 640 and it is working great for me.
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    Overall, I am very pleased with the Treo 680 and with it being part of my first foray into the smartphone world. I have had some "tuning" that has had to be done to adjust some things...but after those small hills have been climbed, almost everything is percolating fine so far. I am running a totally stock phone at this point with absolutely no added software...and I am hoping the stability I am enjoying now won't suffer as a result of adding apps. I plan to do my research into compatability and add software wisely though.

    One thing I have noticed as of just a day or so that I am suddenly dropping a few calls. It happened three times last night on a "long-distance" call to another state, and again this morning under the same conditions. Has anybody experienced this bugaboo...and what can be done?
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    Battery aside I love my 680! I read a lot of negative post mostly in regards to the battery life, but mine has gotten better after installing the battery patch (about a day and a 1/2 on one charge). My biggest compliment to the Treo 680 is the ability to have an 8g SDHC card. I'm happy with it!
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    Best palm I've ever owned.
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    think its the best treo to date....not sure what all you quacks are talking certainly can't please everyone and one has to not expect so much out of these devices - thats when you get into trouble.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jackskid View Post
    Best palm I've ever owned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loyalty4Life View Post
    .... Sure, there are people that need this phone. But they could easily revert back to their previous Treo, the 650 for example. ...
    I think the 650 sucked just a bit more than the 680. That really shouldnt be the issue, though, but that seems what has happened in this thread for instance. Just because the 680 is better than the 650 in several areas doesn't strike me as all that terrific. Especially in light of the 650, I would have expected the 680 to be that much better--but no worse. In battery performance, it is actually worse. There really should be nothing worse, and a few things better. I guess they got the last part right, and people in this thread, at least, are willing to forgive them the first part. Not for my 400 bucks.
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