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    i want to buy a second hand tomtom 6 for treo from my friend but he has already used the activation code. Does tomtom allow you to change it to another phone?
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    My understanding is that you can use the included activation code on two different units. You must wait at least 7 days before activating the second one. I've heard that you may be able to use it on a third unit after waiting for about 6 months. (If you need more, you basically need to contact TT and get their permission/ok. If you had to replace a device with another for a warranty issue, I've heard they're willing to do it but you need to show proof of the swap with documentation, etc.)
    I read somewhere in the licensing documentation that two "concurrent" installations are permitted. (I think only one will be the "official" TT unit for buying updates, etc.)
    I bought TT6 and have it installed on my wife's Treo 700P and on my 700Wx and both are working fine.

    And, I did see your other thread, too. (

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