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    Hello, my old Treo 650 broke down a few months ago so Cingular sent me a replacement one. I was able to save all the data (memos and addresses) from the old 650 to a CD, and it was also on the computer that I had then (in Palm Desktop). Now I have a new computer (old computer was returned to my old employer). I still have the CD with the Treo information, and I would like to download the information back onto the new Treo. Could anyone please walk me thru as to how I can do this? I'm not computer savvy (at all) so please help me out and give me the dummy version...

    Thanks so much for your help!
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    I have not done this myself, but this would be what I will try:

    First, get the new treo to sync with the new PC, to ensure everything is set up ok. Use a sync name that match exactly to the old sync name you were using on the old pc.

    Now do a hard reset on the Treo. (Press and hold power button then push reset. Keep holding the power button until the round Palm logo shows. It will ask you "Are you sure you want to erase...".

    Proceed to redo all the settings on the Treo (align touch panel, set time, so on) but do not sync.

    On the PC, go to the sync folder - it is probably under c:\program files\palm. Since you are using your old sync name, you should see your old Sync Name as a folder. For example, if your old sync name is John Doe, the folder name is DoeJ.

    Rename that folder to DoeJ.BAK as a backup. Recreate the DoeJ folder by coping the data from the CD containing your old sync data.

    Now sync the Treo again. That should do it.

    Good luck...

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