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    I just got my new 700P from Verizon and would like to sync my data from and old Palm m515 to the 700P.

    When I got the 700P from Verizon, they migrated the data from my LG flip phone to the 700P.

    Now I am trying to install the new Palm OS from the CD and cannot seem to do it with the same user names.

    I know this is not a new topic, but reading prior posts and FAQs I could not find, or understand how to do this. Remember, I would also like to keep the LG flip phone data as well as the old Palm data.

    I know is should rather easy, but sometimes need step by step "simple" instructions.

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    Does your 700P currently have a hotsync user id?

    (On Treo -- select the hotsync icon -- if a userid is assigned it will show in the upper right hand of the screen . . . . .)

    If there is none . . . we can do a clean install to your userid from the 515:
    (This will bring back your 515's basic PIM data.)

    Do not hard reset the 700P though -- this will erase the contacts loaded from the LG -- this not hard resetting should be okay, as long as no 3rd party software has made it on to your 700P from the 515 your hotsync attempts thus far.
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    Yes, the 700P has my user ID

    It is there from my unsuccessful try at sync-ing my data.
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    Were you successful in installing the 700P desktop?

    If yes, rename the backup folder for the userid to Backupold.

    Then try the hotsync and select that userid as the one you wish to hotsync to. . . .
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    I don't remember -- can the 515 beam? You could always beam your Contacts, Calander events, Tasks and Memos over to the 700P.

    At some point they changed the OS so you can beam by category or all -- rather than one event at a time. . . . .
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    Thanks for the reply's.

    I am not ignoring them, I just have been a little busy so I have not tried again.

    I will soon and I will let you know how it goes.

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