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    Anyone know if this keyboard will work with the Sprint 700P?


    Looks like both IR ports are on top but the maybe on opposite sides (if that makes a difference).
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    I know you probably know about this, but what about the bluetooth ones? I used an IR one before and it was ok, but if I were to do it again, I'd go BT
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    Palm's ir keyboard definitely works and works well.
    Henry L lazarus
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    Quote Originally Posted by hlazar View Post
    Palm's ir keyboard definitely works and works well.
    I know several people, myself included, who've had serious problems with the palm ir keyboard. That's not to say I know of anything that works better, basically, anything that palm makes doesn't work that well.
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    I too can attest that I had nothing but trouble with the Palm keyboard and returned it in approximately 24 hours.

    It would work great until I got a call or when my Palm was inactive for an hour or so. I therefore would get to soft reset or delete and reinstall the driver, etc. This did not seem convenient to me so it was returned.

    I guess I have some sort of conflict with other software - however, I felt that my other software was more critical than just having a keyboard and I did not feel like trouble shooting or reinstalling software to see what the problem was....
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    Coolgreany- When I was looking for a wireless kb for my palm I remember looking at that model. It looks like it is the one that uses a reflector on top and the infrared is actually on the kb itself, right? If so, there were too many reviews from others that it was too unreliable to use. The ones with direct infrared ports close together seem to work much better. Of course, if thats the case here, ignore this reply.....
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    If you have a chance, try to go the Bluetooth route. Yes, the BT in the 700p may not be the best around, but in the keyboard space is the best option.

    If I remember correctly, there's a download in Palm's website specific for the 700p and Palm keyboard, you may want to dowload that one when trying out the IR keyboard.
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    Thanks folks,

    The reason I asked was a guy was selling one locally for $10 so I thought I'd give it a try (don't really need one). I think I'll pass.

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