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    The first time I tried syncing my contacts OTA through Exchange Activesync on the 680, I was dismayed that several of the phone number fields I regularly use in Outlook, were not moving over to the Treo. I've now done extensive testing, and I think there's a bug. We all know that there's a limit of 7 phone numbers for any contact on the Treo. The problem I've encountered is that they are not mapping correctly when synced OTA. The phone number labeled "Main" on the Treo is synced to "Business 2" in Exchange, whiile "Company Main" in Exchange is not synced at all. Also, the phone number marked "Other" on the Treo is mapped to "Home Phone 2" in Exchange, while "Other Phone" in Exchange is not mapped.

    When I called Palm support, they tried to reproduce the problem, but they were unable to connect to Exchange OTA, and they insisted that the mapping was working correctly when synced on their computer. This would indicate that this is a bug in Versamail's implemention of Exchange Activesync. Can anyone corroborate this?
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    I've just encountered this problem as well when syncing "over the air" using Versamail and Exchange Server 2007. I've downloaded the latest versamail updates and the problem is still occuring. Strangely, when I enter a contact in Outlook, when it syncs OTA to the treo, the email address for the contact does not transfer over. It seems to just disapear. I've looked for field map settings like the ones available when doing a hotsync via the USB (using the outlook conduits or Chapura) and have found nothing. I'm beginning to wonder if it is a bug, or maybe Palm has not yet gotten around to optimizing for Exchange Server 2007 (no big suprise there).

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