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    I just purchased a used 650 and installed the software on my computer. When it hot sync'd it came up with a different user name that I am assuming was from the previous user. My computer recognizes the new user "me", but the palm won't sync using the new name and keeps defaulting to the old one. How can I get the old name off of the phone?
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    Since there is no information to lose on the TREO -- do a hard reset -- which reverts the Treo to it's factory state.

    When you then sync -- it will ask for the userid you wish to assign and sync to . . . .
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    I figured a hard reset might do it, but my concern is that I transferred over 300 phone numbers from my previous phone to my treo. Is there any way to do this and save my numbers and data? If I select hot sync on the screen the wrong user name comes up, but if I select owner it shows the correct name. Where is this old user name stored? I can't find it anywhere except on the hot sync page.
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    If you hot sync to the "wrong" user name -- those 300 contacts should be then stored and backed up under that user name on your PC.

    You could then hard reset, sync to the userid you want and then we can work on moving those 300 contacts from one user on the Palm Desktop to the other. . . .

    or --- How did you transfer the 300 in the first place? -- if it was an easy transfer -- you could just repeat that process after you hard reset and sync to the desired userid. . .

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