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    I saw a few threads from back in November/Decmber about people having some volume issues on their 680 and wondering if this is still an issue to anyone?

    I just moved to a Cingular 680 from a T-Mobile 600 and I find it hard to hear people when I have it up to my hear. I also bought a Motorolla H700 BT Headset that is also kind of on the low side.

    I installed Volumcare, but even set on high it is still a little on the low side. I didn't seem to have this issue on my 600.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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    I too moved from a 600 to a 680, and found the volume low when I first tried the phone app. I even tried Phone Technician's boost to fix it. In the end, after not continuing with PT, I just made sure to push the "volume up" button while on a call with someone (other times they seem to change other volume settings, like ringers, not call volume), and it's been fine ever since.

    BT, for me, is also fine, though I find it does get slightly louder and quieter, almost in a wave pattern.
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