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    After applying the camera patch, I was really happy for a week or so with my 680 since it drained only about 0.5% battery/hour in standby mode (with phone radio on, everything else off). Following that, however, it began to display erratic battery drains (3-10%/hour in standby mode, 2-3 times/week), even though I could stop each drain by a soft reset as reported by others. With this going on, I noticed that each spontaneous drain occurred only when I charged the phone with the wall (AC) charger (5.2V, 1A) at home. While in my office, I often topped the phone off with the USB sync cable from the desktop or laptop but never experienced a battery drain. So for a week, I did an experiment, i.e. charging the phone only with the sync cable. Happily, I did not see a single drain during that period. In the last two days, I tested whether I got a faulty AC charger so I charged the phone with the AC charger coming with my TX (5.2V, 500mA). Guess what? I have already experienced one fast drain! Without doubt, I am going to avoid the AC charger as long as I can.
    Based on my experience and experiments, I conclude that at least my 680 is somehow not compatible the tested AC chargers. A special case? Maybe. But my hunch is that this might be something broader since some people continue to observe erratic battery drains and 680 does have an issue with incompatible cradles. So for those of you who still have such an annoying problem, you may want to do a similar experiment. You can determine if you can stop spontaneous battery drain by charging your phone only with the syc cable. This may take a few days or even weeks depending on how often the fast drain occurs. Before doing your experiment, make sure your phone is not fast draining by doing a soft rest. When you charge using the syn cable, make sure that the LED indicator light turns red to avoid trickle charging (press the power key and/or unplug and plug the USB cable, repeat this until the light is red). I really think that if enough of us do this experiment, we can either rule out this issue, or better yet, confirm it. You never know, you may find a temporary fix of your battery problem before another firmware.
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