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    all i want is this my 755p.

    Unfortunately, that's your only choice. That's the point.
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    i guess in pure theory, the bottom connector is just a serial connector with extras like power and audio out... it would be possible to put in some sort of logic and a driver that would allow you to map what the ipod keypresses would map to on the treo as serial commands- such as when the speaker tells the ipod to goto the next track, the treo will... press the 5-way to the right, which in turn makes windows media player or whatever goto the next track...
    and the bottom of the adapter would have to be shaped like an ipod bottom to fit into speaker docks, but also the top would have to somehow cradle the treo so as to not break the connector off...

    ha- who remembers the treo roadshows where pete skillman would hold his 650 with an audio adapter on top of an ipod speaker dock or something playing a kinoma movie... he was really getting all of us excited that there would be all these extras... but nothing substantial showed up except that one altec lansing unit... :-(
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