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    I'm thinking of trying out the $5 for 2mb a month plan from Rogers. I would, of course, love a real data plan, but $100 for 250mb is stupefying.

    Has anyone come across any reasonable plans?
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    I used a similar plan with Fido over December and January and it was not bad. But I hardly used the internet, just to check email a couple times a day with Chatter. In other words, severely restricted use compared to what I use on TMO unlimited data in the States.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rener View Post
    I'm thinking of trying out the $5 for 2mb a month plan from Rogers. I would, of course, love a real data plan, but $100 for 250mb is stupefying.

    Has anyone come across any reasonable plans?
    I tried holding my breath. I passed out and started breathing again, but the data prices still sucked.
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    Yeah. What's the deal up in Canada with internet? What makes it so expensive? Is it the weather? Requires more energy to move it through the ether?
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    The carriers have various explanations, all of which I consider specious. Our wonderful government tries to protect us from cultural invasion (I'll let you guess from where), which means several of our industries (broadcasting, wireless, ...) have obligations for a certain amount of Canadian content. In the case of wireless, foreign ownership is illegal. This decreases the competitive nature of the business quite a bit (e.g., only one national GSM carrier ... Rogers/Fido), and you know what that means.
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    I am now having second thoughts, as all the plans seem to be $0.03 a kb after the limit (for example, after $5 for 2mb, every additional kb is $0.03). That seems like it would approach usury incredibly quickly...

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    Data in Canada is too expensive!

    I try not to use it as much as I can.
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    I would use it if it wasn't so bloody expensive. There ARE no reasonable plans up here. If US$20 can get you unlimited data on AT&T, well, then this sucks. Granted, we are about 10 times smaller than the US, but I still want data. Lots of data. I would go broke if I signed up for any plan now as I would always go over.
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    Hence why I never chucked my TX when I got my Treo. At least with that, I can still use wifi for free in many places - including at home - if I feel so inclined. Its also that kind of attitude that explains why no Treo has wifi. Include wifi in a phone avialable at your provider's store and the next thing you'd know, no one would willingly get gouged for data plans - and that's a huge money spinner for wireless companies, regardless of where they are.

    Wifi on an iPhone? Don't think Cingular will ever let that happen, how much ever the Smug ******* from Cupertino wants it. But I digress....

    As for data plans on wireless companies in Canada - I suspect that they fall into the same unregulated abyss as does the internet here. While the CRTC can force issues of cost and charges on phone services, they have no control (or apparent desire to get involved) over consumer rights when it comes to the net. Ditto for the Competition Bureau - preferring the industry to be 'self-regulating' - read: open market and buyer beware.

    Rogers, et al, can get away with charging outrageous sums becuse they can and there will always be a bunch of corporate IT types who think nothing of blowing this sort of cash for their staff - not appreciating that this inflates the cost for all. If companies and individuals simply didn't accept the costs involved, the price would drop.
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    I believe the WinOS Treo's can use the SD wi-fi cards, and they're still picked up by carriers.

    I don't understand the "premium" mentality. If data plans are incredibly expensive, perhaps only 1 in 10 users will opt for them. If, on the other hand, they were affordable, perhaps 8 out of 10 would. 1x100 = 100, 8x20=160. More data for us, more money for them.

    Ford figured that out with the Model-T.

    As for the iPhone, it will be interesting to see what plans Rogers offers for it (maybe a separate tier, like Blackberry?) Maybe it will be a catalyst for normalizing rates.

    BTW- Does anyone know who can be contacted about exorbitant data rates? I'm willing to write a letter to the CRTC or whomever. I would like to target the individual(s) most appropriate. Even if it's totally ignored, it beats doing nothing.
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    When I got my data plan in Canada, I also installed the Smaatcost (not quite the name, not sure what it is) which monitors my usage. It was kind of an eye opener. It turned out that just polling with Chatter once in a while was pretty manageable and well within my plan, but other things that seemed innocuous were in fact monstrously insatiable. I didn't even try internet radio, and it's good I didn't. When I tried it here wth TMO it used 264 Mb in one day, dwarfind everything else I did.
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    I would agree, DATA up here is nuts.
    Allthough I have not seen or heard of the 5 bucks for 2M plan.
    I would use it much more if it didn't cost more the phone plan.

    Come on Canadian Carriers, wake up, you have thousands of DATA users waiting for real service here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdavis View Post
    I didn't even try internet radio, and it's good I didn't. When I tried it here wth TMO it used 264 Mb in one day, dwarfind everything else I did.
    Let's see now... based on my plan that would only cost me.... hmm... about... $7,865. On the best plan available it would cost $592.

    Of course, that's only on the first day. The best plan would demand another $792 on day 2 and each day thereafter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by andmann View Post
    I would agree, DATA up here is nuts.
    Allthough I have not seen or heard of the 5 bucks for 2M plan.

    When I updated my Treo and resigned my contract, they asked me if I wanted this ... I rejected it. Once you get use of using Data here and there, next thing you know you'll be over that limit. 2mb / month ... i'll do that in one hour. I once used 500mb within a month and didn't even do much with it.
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    A friend of my told me he used up more than 2mb on Rogers going to a single website.

    This is very depressing.

    How bad is email usage? I've considered setting up a special account that would only contain plain text email from people in my company, but the fact that I would even have to consider this depresses me no end...
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    I’m using a Treo 700P, having upgraded from a 650. I’m on Bell Mobility in Ontario, so I work some of the time in Toronto, which has EVDO, and live and work most of the time in a 1xRT zone. The EVDO is noticeably faster for sure. My information may be of some use to 680 data users.
    With my 650, I had an unlimited data plan for the past year for $60 per month. I never kept track of my usage. It was wonderful!
    When I updated to the 700P just before Christmas, I checked and rechecked that the only thing I was updating was my hardware. I was making no changes to my plan features. (I use about 1250 minutes a month of calls, mostly long-distance, plus a full set of other features.)
    So imagine my shock when I got a monthly bill about equal to my whole annual bill! !@#$%$#@! No-one at Bell Mobility informed me that they haven’t had an unlimited plan for six months and that my unlimited account was automatically down-graded to a $60 per month plan with only 30 mB (and $6/extra mB). !@#$%$#@! ... I squealed very loudly and they took off those outrageous charges, but I am stuck with my much more limited plan ...
    So, I’ve been tracking my data usage (using text-messaging to access my daily usage summary and recording that in a HanDBase database). A few days ago, I used .92 mB. That was after a full day of hourly e-mail downloads (about 70 messages across four accounts). I checked the weather for snow squalls several times as well, but that’s only a tenth of the overall usage.
    In summary, I figure with being careful, I’ll be able to ‘live’ on 30 mB per month. But I sure don’t like it. Seems very contradictory to promote a smartphone and then to charge bloody-hell fees ...
    I’d switch if I could, but the other Canadian CDMA carrier is no better ...
    As an update, after continued complaining and whining (not my usual style), a coupld of days ago, a customer service agent on Bell Mobility reduced my data plan by combining it with other elements of my overall plan features — and I now have a 250 MB data plan for about the same price as a 30 MB plan. Finally!!! — some more reasonable costs ...
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    I still have the "unlimited" plan from Fido. At about $50/month, I get unlimited GPRS (subject to a fair use policy of around 1GB/month). This plan/option is no longer offered by Fido but for existing customers who have it, they have so far allowed us to keep it. It is fantastic with my Treo 650 since I can "poll" Versamail every 5 minutes and update my stock quotes or the weather.
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    Yeah I'm on Fido's $50/unlimited, every month I check my bill to make sure I haven't been secretly kicked off it haha. Fido kinda sucks at least where I am, but what choice if I want Data? Right now I don't even have a Smartphone, just a RAZR, and definitly don't use the data like I used to, but the thought of loosing this gem of a plan scares me (2x the cost of the US and I call it a gem )

    Only reason that stops me from upgarding to a 680 or 750 when it comes out is I'll have to buy it fully unlocked to not loose my plan, and even still it's only GPRS.

    Why do they even SELL smartphones up here in Canada for anyone other then enterprise organizations? No sane person can afford this stuff. It pisses me off

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