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    I did something stupid. I wanted to import all my contacts from my 700p into my PC's Outlook 2003 and I didn't want to deal with duplications. So I deleted all my Outlook contacts first...then I performed a hotsync. This did not import my contacts from my deleted it! No contacts exist in my Outlook either. Is it still possible to recover the contacts on my 700p and/or Outlook?

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    Did you back up either Treo (to SD card) or Outlook first?
    If not search for your Treo user name on your computer. Hopefully it will have a Backup folder in that folder. Depednign on how you configure your hotsync it usually makes a backup. Duplicate that folder and move the copy elsewhere as a backup. You could set hot sync to restore or do a hard reset on Treo and have it all re-installed.
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    ASAIK... Only if you have a backup of either your PC or your Palm
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    The backup folder inside your username, will be the current data. There is an archive folder that might have the contacts data "archived" before the deletion.
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    I checked my PC. I see backup and archive folders and a bunch of files inside the folders. Which files will I need and how do I put these files into my Treo?

    Thanks again!
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    You could try copying all of the files in your Archive folder that START with address to your phone using a card reader and a program like Filez. This is probably a long shot, but at this point you've nothing to lose.

    Hopefully you only hot synced once and they are still in the archive. Assuming they ever were to begin with.
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    When was your last back up of your PC? -- if recent, your contacts should be in that back up. . . . . if this archive folder process does not work out. . . . .
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    I think it used to be that the archive folder only contained stuff you deleted from the PDA (using the PDA to delete). Don't know if it's still that way.
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    I looked at the archive and backup backups of my contacts there. Damn.

    I did an experiment...went ahead and created a few new contacts in Outlook and hotsync'd. Did a few hotsyncs and I didn't see any backups made in either backup or archive folders for the contacts. I thought when hotsyncing, the contacts are backed up automatically?
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    check contacts or address folders - don't recall which. you should see a new file or two for your new entries (a .dat file and another one).

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