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    OK, maybe that's a "duh" comment in that Bluetooth synch is going to be slower than USB. I understand that, but what I want to do is try to eliminate synching applications that don't require synching (Mail? Do I need to synch that with my computer?)

    Also, I had connected, by USB, my 700p to an XP laptop to install an application that had no Mac install counterpart. Since then I have been synching to my Mac exclusively.

    Now, I'm a Palm user from 1998 and I have backed up and restored and installed and reinstalled (and over-installed) Palm HotSync software on my XP laptop so I'm sure there are a number of "turds" left over from all of that and that I am probably synching useless data from way back when to my Mac via my new 700p. "Ghosts of Palms Past", if you will. I need to ditch them but don't know where to start.

    Latest log is attached. Note it takes about 30 minutes to HotSync
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