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    OK... I am trying to Hotsync my 700P. Last time it was hotsynced was 2/2 @ 2:45AM my time. Yes I was up playing.

    Now when I connect the USB sync cable, I don't get my USB connected sound. I press the Hotsync button and it just hangs. I connected my cable to another machine that DOES NOT have Palm software installed just to see what if anything would happen. It tries to install the Treo, I hear my little windows access USB noise as well. So I don't think there is a problem with the cable.

    HELP!!! Thanks.
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    Right click the Hotsync icon in the taskbar, exit the program and then restart (reset the Treo as well). If that doesn't work try plugging into different USB ports. I am assuming that you have rebooted your computer. There are various permutations you can try here. After that, you may have to re-install Palm Desktop from the CD (no big deal) but wait for other suggestions.

    Good Luck!

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