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    Am I the only person having this problem:

    I hit the soft reset under Zlauncher, the orange Palm screen shows up, then it just hangs and I have to take the back off.

    This is the latest version off of zznets site and I am using the trial version for now.

    Any idea of what I can do to fix this? Thanks in advance
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    Have you tried executing a soft reset with another application? Also, how long does it hang up - have you just let it hang loose for a while? I have a 700p with ZLauncher installed and it is handling the soft reset just fine.

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    When I used to do soft reset on my 650 it was immediate and didn't take long. So far I have let it sit up to 60 seconds and still nothing. If I hit the button on the back, it's immediate like it should be.
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    mine hangs as well most of the time, mine also sometimes hangs when i soft resets itself because of some error. Not sure what causes it but it's sure annoying.

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