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    I am a new poster. I recently bought a new Treo 680 and a Toyota Camry 2007, both bluetooth ready. To my frustration, I have not been able to connect the car and Treo. Both Toyota and my phone provider say the other is at fault. Has anyone out there had a similar problem, and is there a way of dealing with it.
    As a second issue, does anyone know how I can unlock my Treo 680. Is there a downloadable software,etc. Thank you in advance.
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    I have an 04 Land Cruiser and am having some problems myself. While connected, if on a call and another call comes in the first call is disconnected. I was able to connect when I got my 680 however I deleted the device after this problem appeared thinking that a new connect might fix it. I tried several times to connect, was waiting for the car BT to acknowledge a connection (the 680 recognized the car) however never got confirmation from the car BT. My 680 said I was connected but the car kept saying that it was trying to connect. While the car was saying that, I placed a call and amazingly the car BT then connected successfully. Short answer, if your 680 says all is well but the car is not, try dialing and see if it then connects.
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    There seem to be a LOT of issues to palm's there going to be an upgrade anytime soon?

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