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    Wow...I haven't been a newbie on a phone forum in ages...but here goes.

    I am seriously considering buying my first-ever smartphone/PDA after years of nothing but purely mobile phne experience. I am a total techno-*****, and not...I repeat not a computer educated person. So, I am pretty intimidated by the technology already...and I don't want to make the wrong choice.

    I am looking, at my Cingular store, at several devices...but have narrowed it down to either the Palm Treo 680...or the Samsung Blackjack.

    I want a good mobile phone first and formost...and then, a good PDA. If the phone is horrible (low earpiece volume, poor call-quality, dropped calls)...then the rest is a moot point to me.

    I want a *****-proof, easy to learn OS. I have been told that the Palm OS is that kind of OS vs. the Blackjack's (and 750's) Windows Mobile OS that is considerably more complicated for absolute newbies like me.

    But...I hear and read lots, and lots of people are disappointed in and having problems with the Treo 680. My local Cingular store has had lots of returns too. Will you guys let me know...objectively...if the Treo 680 is a bad device, and I should buy something else. Or...convince me that it is the right device for me?

    I am really in need of some education, and help by those that know a lot more than I do...and you guys are the ones...!!!

    Please help me make a decision.
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    You have an over-constrained problem. Your criteria eliminate both of the devices that you are interested in. Consider rank ordering your requirements so that you can choose the lesser of evils.
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    did you try the 2 phones at your local cingular store?

    I think the 680 would be your best choice, but maybe thats just because i love PalmOS myself.
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    Yes, if you're going to keep the Palm simple and not start adding lots of programs, out-of-the-box it is the simpler and easier to use of the two.

    Once you start adding software, Palm can get quirky because it doesn't protect itself very well from bad programming and this manifests itself as crashes, even some which are difficult to recover from. I don't believe Windows Mobile is immune to this either, but I don't have direct experience with it.

    My wife uses her 680 with a small handful of programs installed and never has a problem out of hers. She has Directory Assistant (think online phone book, maps, etc), Butler (reminds you of missed calls, messages, etc), and perhaps one or two other things. She likes keeping it simple. I customize mine to the extreme

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