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    This was driving me crazy!!

    So, okay. I'll admit I'm a dork. But tonight, for the first time, I sat and watched my 700P automatically awaken from an 'off' state exactly every 15 minutes and so I thought tonight, I would time the on/off intervals to determine why this was happening and, ultimately, why it was wasting precious battery power.

    The culprit: VersaMail.

    I had VersaMail set to automagically update every 15 minutes and so every 15 minutes - like clockwork - the 700P would awaken from an 'off' state and would then shut off exactly one minute later. I watched this for about an hour and then realized (an epiphany) what was causing it: VersaMail

    Now, I'm a pretty Treo-savvy guy, but this perplexed me for weeks. My reason for posting this is that hopefully, this will enlighten someone else who is sitting there, watching TV, drinking quality microbrews (Deschutes' Jubelale & Inversion IPA to be exact!) and trying to figure out why their 700P is turning on and off every 15 minutes.

    I changed the automatic update to an hour and now, a couple of months from now, when I forget I even posted this, I will wonder..."Why is my 700P turning on automatically and then turning off every 60 minutes..."


    Yer pal,


    A bigger Treo fan than I'll admit.
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    My Treo only awakens if there is an email present and even then, only if I have it set to alert. Otherwise it does it silently. Again, Versamail works just fine for me.

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