I have literally scoured the internet looking for a straight-forward and simple database regarding vitamins, their properties, dosages, minerals, and supplements for my Palm Treo PDA.

The model I have in my mind is something along the lines of Earl Mindell's Vitamin Bible, where you could look up the name of almost any vitamin, mineral or supplement imaginable and find out pretty much everything there is to know about that supplement including foods where the vitamin is commonly found, independent of any dietary program and in layman's terms (not medical jargon).

Do you know of Any Such Palm PDA database or program????
I already have the USRDA "SR19" - that only lets you search by food.
I have the Town Compass "Nutrition Databse" - what a joke that one is!

I seriously need something like the Mindell book where I can find ALL the properties of a supplement / vitamin / mineral for my Palm PDA (Treo 650).

Also looking for a solid Calorie Counter that lists ALL the major USRDA vitamins in EACH Food, with the ability to Lookup by Vitamin / Mineral / Supplement and see a list of all foods that have that vitamin, etc.


-- AJ