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    I've had my Sprint 700p since May. Last week I bought the Plantronics 510s system for my office. I've had no problem pairing the 700 and the 510. However, I have to re-pair the two devices every time after they've been separated. For example, I leave the 510 in my office. I take the 700p home with me. And when I return to the office, the 700p won't recognize the 510, and I have to re-pair them. Is there some issue with the 700p consistently dropping the pairing of a bluetooth headset? And if so, is there a fix?I would appreciate any advice.

    Also, please relax if the answer's already been posted somewhere in the forums. I searched, but did not find.
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    The Voyager 510 is not supported with the 700p, unfortunately.

    I had a friend who has your device but could not get the 510 to work properly. It's a bummer for sure. The 510 is a GREAT headset.
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