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    Does anyone know if there is software that can make the TREO 650 a webcam? I tried the Palm Webcam ver. 1.0.1 ( for the Treo 600 but it doesn't work. Only the Treo 600 is listed.

    Emailed clievideo .. but no response.

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    I suspect Palm Webcam is no longer supported. If true, the only way to make it work (and even then it is a nmaybe) would be to find out where "600" (or "Treo 600") is and edit it to "650" so the program will at least run instead of failing right away.

    Even then it might not work, but at least you'd be able to try it.

    Of course, that does not get you a registration code, and I do not know if you can still buy one or not.

    Good luck.

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