Because of the inexplicable lack of desktop synching for voice-memos on the 680, and my desire to record calls, I downloaded and tried mVoice. It worked fine, although it was quite slow on an 8gb SDHC.

I decided to register it, and after (and overly complex) registration process, I noticed the next time I used Core Player, my media suffered from massive slowdown. It was so bad the video froze numerous times (which had never happened before).

I uninstalled mVoice (and noticed I also had to uninstall mSynch and mLicense, what's up with that overkill??) and now Core Player works fine again.

Has anyone else experienced this and come up with a solution other than trashing mVoice and eating the reg cost?

(Note: I'm not sure it's just Core Player, but that might be the easiest way to see how much resource is being sacrificed).