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    I have used the Battery.prc (version 3.2) program on my Treo 680 to check the battery health. Now that I have a 2400mah battery, the program still recognises it as having an estimated capacity of 1188mah. In the program there is a function called Calibration where you can set the Treo battery to the correct capacity of the battery.

    I have changed the capacity to 2400mah and noticed that the battery meter stays at 99% even when the battery capacity reads around the 1900mah mark. Just wondering if the meter will start reading from 99 downwards once the charge reaches the 1188mah estimated charge level.

    Does anyine have any information to share on where this program came from and how to use it properly?
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    You might want to do the battery reset procedure.. Don't muck with trying to calibrate with Battery.prc.
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    where can i get a copy of battery.prc?
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    here you go
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    This prog seems cool .... just gave it a try.

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