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    First off, I am new to this forum so howdy everyone.

    Second off, I an new to the world of PDA's (long time in computers though). I am seriously thinking about buying a Prism (already bid on a few on ebay, but I lost).

    Since I am a newcomer to PDA's, I would like to ask everyone for their input on the best software out there. I guess that it does not NEED to have the full color support. I'm just looking for functionality.

    Everyone jump in and TIA for the input.
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    nobody has opinions on this one?

    Help a brutha out...
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    Best Launcher for Prism Launch'Em
    Upgrade datebook + to datebook 4
    wordsmith is a good word processer
    That should get you started
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    If you're looking for apps that will show off the colors of your prism, you want to check out:
    Zap 2016 - 16-bit color game

    Bejeweled - addictive game

    ActionNames - an excellent replacement for the calendar, address book and To-Do's.

    WordSmith - the best word processor now supports full color

    SimpleSketch - take notes or doodle or create art! http://

    Launch 'Em 3.0 beta

    Any game from

    Rally 1000 - Milles Bornes game -free

    Domino 1.6 - a great dominoes game, now in color!.shtml

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    cool...that WILL get me started...

    Let me ask a question here...and pardon my ignorance. How many of these software packages can I expect to get for free? I have heard so much about peopel writing this stuff for free and giving it out over the net.

    I don't mind paying for them, but it's ncie when you can get good ones for free.
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    Hey, Sim, you have good taste. Only one problem - Domino!1.6. I tried to download it and I tried to go to the web page. Both gave me an "404" not found on this server message. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!! I want the game.
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    Album To Go 2.0
    Handspring Photo Album
    Zap 2016!
    Draw It!
    Palm num
    Have A Good Day!
    I Love My Prism!
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    OK, I found a link to the Domino!1.6:
    Be sure to download the ZIP version. The PRC download gives you version 1.4. (B/W)

    In terms of color games it isn't nearly as good as Bejeweled. I like it, to quote JFK, "...because it is hard!" (Of course he was referring to going to the moon.)
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    Yes, Sim, great taste!

    Here are some of my recommendations, some seconding other's mentions:

    Action Names Datebook... that will meet all your contacts, schedule, and to-do necessities. About $20... free trial period is offered.

    WordSmith... definitely incredible program for getting Microsoft Word documents on your Palm. About $30... free trial period is offered.

    LifeBalance... not so much a "necessity" but really a terrific program for getting your act together. Can't remember how much it was but worth it. Find on

    YAtzee... because you can't just use this tool for work and necessities! Free! PalmGear.

    Big Clock... just a really great large clock plus more... set alarms when you're traveling to get you up, etc. Free! PalmGear.

    DiddleBug! That was free, right? PalmGear.
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    check out the zipped packages at (author of CoolFonts)
    lots of good freeware listed all together

    These may not be current versions, but you can look that up at PalmGear
    You can also peruse their Top Picks, Essentials lists, etc for ideas.

    Also totally freeware site
    Has a good category browse, but no search engine

    Some of my favorites:
    CSpotRun - free doc reader, text only
    QED - same, shareware, register if you want to edit
    Launcher III - free
    Big Clock - with color themes opt.
    Shadow - outliner
    Text Plus - word completion
    Mapopolis - free maps, US
    InWatch - monitors installs for complete removal
    HandyShop2 - free shopping list, checklist, etc database

    do a search on hack in VisorCentral to see threads on that subject when you get more on board with your Palm device.
    btw - X-Master - free hack manager, also check out McPhling, EasyLaunch, FindHack, Font Hack 123 v2.2, NoLines, PrivateHack when you get into hacks.
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    I guess the best thing to do is wait til I get my Prism, then play with it for a few days. That will give me time to sort thinsg out and see how it works. Then I can start doing research on what I need/want.

    thanks everyone for their input. Keep it coming!
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    I got it! One day earlier than I was expecting too!

    Bring on the software suggestions!
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    This is a good replacement for switchHack or Phlegm as it support colour. I also had some problem with Phlegm but now everything work well after switching to Mcphling. And this is a FREEWARE.
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    Some "updates" that I've liked (same idea, new author)

    Like Ronan PhlegmHack > McPhling
    ClearHack > NoLines (removes underlines)
    HackMaster > X-Master (improvements and free!)
    Afterburner2 > Afterburner3 (well worth the $)
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    Search for the titles on PalmGear

    My message meant:
    [title1] > [title2]

    title1 is an app written by one author
    title2 is the same idea re-written with improvements by another author.
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    thought that posts had gotten crossed for a second. So the second one is better (in your opinion?)
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    gotcha...couldn't find McPhling (sp?) on VisorCentral or Handango. PalmGear is down for updates.
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    IMO, title2 is better. Here are several links to McPhling

    McPhling author's site:
    has zip file for McPhling

    here's a PalmGear link for McPhling (it's up as of this posting; for general PalmGear access also try their staging site )

    or on

    v1.09 is the most current version
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