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    Posted this in the Goodlink Yahoo Groups forum but it doesn't look like there's much action there. I've been using Goodlink with my Treo 650 for a while now. One feature I use often is flagging a message for follow up. I'm considering upgrading my device to one of the newer smaller/thinner smartphones (e.g. E61, Q, Blackjack, Treo 750 or Dash), but I get the sense from my research that the flag feature is not necessarily available on all devices. This would be a factor in my decision if true. Anyone know whether you can flag a message on these devices? Any (other) differences between the various Goodlink implementations that I should be aware of?
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    Should work across the board. I have used it on 650, 700WX and Moto Q
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    This has worked fine for me on multiple Palm and Windows devices.

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