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    I'm experiencing a new bug, wherein I turn my Verizon 700P's radio off, but then a few seconds later the Treo automatically turns the radio back on. This is new in the last few days, and I've also in the last couple of weeks just started using Bluetooth and SAG 1.08, but I can't yet isolate the problem.

    I need to disable the radio while I'm riding the NYC Subway, otherwise my audio playback from Pocket Tunes and Audible Player stutters every time the radio tries, unsuccessfully while in the subway, to connect to the network. And of course, this could be a problem next time I get on a plane

    I've tried soft resets, but the problem persists. Any ideas?

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    I may have solved this one myself - I'm going on half an hour with my radio off now! In looking through other threads about the radio state, I began to wonder what other apps I have might be forcing the radio state to on? Well, sure enough, I just did a clean re-install of Chatter the other day, and on going into its Prefs found that by disabling its "Turn on Radio at Reset," my problem has vanished

    Guess I had set that months ago when I first started using Chatter and since forgot about it for the new install.
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    Yepper, ChatterEmail does exactly what it says. Great application. Ben

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