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    I went from a dumbphone -> 750 WM -> 680 Palm -> 700p - all in one week!

    This is how it started:

    Then yesterday I got a 680 Palm. I liked it. I have been smiling all day until I went to work and still could not get any phone or data signal from Cingular. Just like the day before, I would get a call and would only hear every other word. Embarrassing.

    I am sick of this stuff and I do not want to put up with it anymore. Turns out Verizon, which according to everyone I know has a superior voice network, also gives company discounts to my employer on service and accessories. With that discount, the price of the service is a little lower than my Cingular. I checked the specs for the Treo 700p and just went and bought it.

    - Best voice coverage from Verizon
    - Claimed largest data coverage too
    - Slightly cheaper service plan after my company discount
    - Works at all my work locations, even inside buildings
    - Still Palm OS with all the functionality and applications.
    - I wonder if that blinking LED wants to tell me something
    - Almost forgot EvDO broadband!!!
    - 50% more battery life
    - A better 1.2M camera
    - Better buttons make nice clicking sounds

    - Bulkier and heavier, feels like a full-size corded phone in my pocket. But I like low-tech that works reliably.
    - Antenna sticks out. It does help locate the phone inside my left pocket, but it sticks out too much. Also, it makes the Treo look like a phone, not like an organizer. People at work will think I am texting friends and browsing the internet and not planning my workday.
    - Ungodly looking SD card sticks out. I need to spray-paint it silver.

    - Cingular 2.5 EDGE sucks, I've had it for the last 2 years. It takes forever to connect and it is unreliable. I will laugh hard when millions of new iPhone users will try to browse the internet on on their new high-tech gadgets. No more paying $60/mo for something that works only in certain places and only every once in a while.
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    Glad to know that you are happy with your purchase. Verizon has been very reliable and the coverage has been second to none. I just wish more of the world was on CDMA, instead of GSM. That give Cingular/T-Mobile the edge, as they can cater to business people that travel overseas any number of times a year. Not just the phone service, but for Blackberrys. I happen to have a 700P and a Cingular blackberry (8700c) for work, since I travel overseas, and need email access and cannot always get to a computer, or intenet access. Cingular data is unreliable and not that fast, although there is always a connection. But then again, I am unsure how other data devices treat data vs a blackberry.

    Again, grats, and glad to hear that you are happy. Let us know if you run into any issues, such as lag or delays.
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    Coverage is so area specific, but in Portland I've used Cingular, Tmo, Sprint and Verizon in the last two years. Cingular was by FAR the worst. Spotty data & dropped calls galore! I always chuckle watching their "fewest dropped calls" commercials. Raising the bar my a$$.
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    yeah, definately not trying to start any args but even here in NYC the GSM coverage pales in comparison to CDMA, especially inside buildings.
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    I have had my Verizon 700p for a week almost and I really like it!

    I had one unexplainable auto-reset so far, but that was about it. Also I thought I found a bug, but I then found a fix. After this weird auto-reset the lower screen was less sensitive than before. All that was needed was to recalibrate the touchscreen/stylus again. Voila! All the problems are peanuts in comparison to all the 750 WM problems that I had.

    Verizon coverage is the best, I get confirmations every day. The other day went to return my 680 to Cingular. To remind you, I switched away from Cingular because they have a very unstable coverage in the two places where I work. They took it back without questions because coincidentally they had network problems that very same day and the day before and the Cingular store was flooded with little orange boxes and upset customers. Everyone came in to return their purchases and complain about the phone service.

    I heard Sprint is cheap and their internet is fast. I stayed with them from 1998 to 2003 and had to switch away because their sound quality one day went so bad I could not make up what I was hearing. Now that I have Verizon it will take me a BIG carrot to go to another provider. They must have the coverage area that is at least as good. What is the point of having a phone (and paying for it) if it goes not work?!

    I guess one other thing that I wished would be a thinner unit with a bigger screen. I would be willing to trade away some of this button real estate for a larger screen with higher resolution. Or, since I am in engineering, I need a dedicated row of number keys on top, since that Option+ keypad is clumsy. I may have to try different keyboard drivers or adding Graffiti back.

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    Ditto on the Verizon coverage in Beantown.

    I really can't belive you carry it in your pocket. I have to recommend the palm soft leather side holding case. Even has a pocket in it which I put atm and license in. NO WALLET.

    The LED is telling you something. Its saying read the manual. There are free apps to turn it off.
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    My wallet it too fat with diferent junk. I usually just carry a couple of credit cards, cash and a driver's licence in my back pocket. I used to carry a Palm m505 organizer in one pocket and a flip dumbphone and keys in the other. Now I just have a huge smartphone in one pocket and keys in the other. On average I am slimmer now!

    Reading the manual is always a good start, thank you for the recommendation, I will do it!
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    aaahhhhh!!!! The old George Constanza in the pocket wallet eh? hehe
    If I could know then, what I know now.

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