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    What's the best way do to this?

    I was thinking of just finding a 680 on eBay, but I want to unlock it. Would it be okay to ask one of my friends that has Cingular to call them up and ask for the code to unlock it? Is this improper, or not allowed?
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    if i were you i would just buy an unlocked one through palm i did it and i couldnt be any happier. I have the copper one and today i ordered my g/f the crimson one should be here tomorrow with the overnight shipping! When you get it just use Tmobiles tzones for the interent its like 5 bucks and it does same thing as the total internet for 30. I love the this phone. but if your trying to save some money try to get one off ebay but they are going for about the same price as retail or check out if you live in a big city im sure you could find them for cheap
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    The unlocked ones are a bit more expensive, though. And is it wrong to get a friend that uses Cingular to get the unlock code for me?
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    yea they do cost more. Id say if you cant get a cingular one for a good price yea get your friend to get it unlocked would save you alot of money in the long run. I dont see anything wrong with it at all
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    I'd get it from or one of their retail stores in this particular case for a few reasons i've experienced in the past.

    1. Ebay sellers may sell you used or new Treos. I've purchased 2 Treo 650s from eBay (brand new), however, they were registered with a company, so I couldn't register them myself for warranty needs. My guess is because there are discounts companies get when they buy in bulk that consumers individually don't get. Plus the registration is non-transferable since usually the seller is not the one who registered them. A warranty on these phones are critical. These phones are too delicate, and should they get messed up (Unless you drop it like me who had to cough up 200 bucks to repair the screen!!--anyway), you're gonna ache when you realize you have no warranty to depend on.

    2. Scam (obviously).

    3. At this point, the Treo 680s on Ebay cost the same or more than what you can get them at I personally got my Treo 680 at a Palm store at an airport. If you have one nearby, outweigh whether it's cheaper to overnight it or to drive to a store nearby.

    Aside from these points, I think you have a lot to consider. One excellent thing that you should always keep in mind though is that a Palm that is already unlocked does not have the extra stuff the ones people on eBay sell (Usually being Cingular ones...and they still have the Cingular logo on them when you turn them on and on the actual casing, plus all their software they come with).

    Good luck with your choice!

    - C.M.S.
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    Cerebrum, you make some good points. I think what I'm going to do is eventually port my number over to Cingular/AT&T and HOPEFULLY also get the 680 for dirt cheap:

    Does anyone know if it's possible to take advantage of this deal while porting over a number from a different carrier?
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    Just go to a dealer if you can. Dealers usually can give you really good deals that calling in won't really provide (sometimes better ones than the internet can give). Be sure that the dealer is affiliated with Cingular though, and not a partner who just works with them, as this will come in handy should you have any phone issues or buyer's remorse. When you tell them that you want a new plan, tell them you wanna transfer your old number there, and they should be able to give you the discounts since you're a new customer.

    Good luck and I know you'll love the 680!

    - C.M.S.
    Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth. - Oscar Wilde
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    Whoever you get the phone from, make sure there is a return/exchange policy in case there is something wrong with it. "Saving" $100 could get you a very expensive $299 paper weight.
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    You can get a 680 FREE after a $150 rebait if you switch to cingular on treo Follow this link.

    note. cingular does not offer insurance on troes.
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    I would just get the unlocked, UNBRANDED one from Palm. No proprietary Cingular software on them.
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    I got mine from palm online. I love it.

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