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    Hello guys,

    It is finally done. I am happy to annonce that a new space game is now ready for beta testing. This new game is called "Space Docking Simulator". As the name implies, this app attempt to simulate a rendez-vous and docking between the Apollo command module (CSM) and the lunar module (LM). If you are familiar with my other space simulator, you can expect that this new simulator is also very realistic. I am hoping to add more docking targets like the space station and so on.

    The goal of the game is of course to successfully (read safely) dock with the lunar lander that just came back up from the Moon surface after a successful landing. You will need to align with the lander, approach it and finally dock with it using your command module thrusters and radar. During the mission you will hear NASA voice annoncements of your distance, closing rate and fuel level. You have 3 game levels (Rookie, Pilot and Commander) and two missions to choose from. In the Pilot and Commander levels, your command module sub-systems can also fail. For instance you may experience a fuel leak (which lower your chance of docking) or maybe a stuck your thruster.

    I am sorry in advance, but this beta testing is limited (so I can best respond to my beta testers). If you are interested about the genre, please send me a private message (PM) with your email adress and your device hotsync ID and it will be my pleasure to send you the game and the user guide.

    Thank you very much for any help I can get.


    ps; The game should work on most Palm OS 5.2+ devices. If you tried my other space simulator:
    Lunar Lander Simulator 2.1LS
    then you should not having any problem running Space Docking Simulator.
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    Love your sims, will sure try this one


    If the LEM is comming BACK from the moon, it would not have the landing legs attached as in the sreen shot
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    WOW!! thank you guys for the replies. I appreciated it very much. Unfortunately, I will need to cap the beta testing now because I have enough beta testers for now.

    Hopefully (if everything works ok) I can release the game in the next few weeks.

    Thank you again for helping out.


    ps: @midmofan: You are 100% right I just could not find a NASA shot of good enough quality. But you are correct to point out that the bottom part of the lander with the feet (descent stage) stays on the Moon while the top part (ascent stage) docks with the waiting command module.
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    Hello guys,

    Just a quick note to update you on how the game dev is going (sorry for the delay).

    I am happy to report that the beta testing is going great. We are now at version 0.5 and here some of the changes from the original version:

    1- The bonus feature is now working. During a docking (and if you are in the Pilot/Commander game level) your spacecraft sub-systems (docking radar, fuel, thrusters and oxgen) can malfunction. If that happen then you will get extra bonus points. The amount of bonus will depend on the severity/lenght of the failure. For instance if you lose the radar view for few seconds, you will not get much points but if you have a fuel leak then you will get a lot of points since fuel is at premium in Space Docking Simulator.

    2- I added an oxygen indicator (see updated screen shot above). In a normal flight, the O2 deplete slowly (as you breath in the cabine) but you will plenty of time to dock. But sometime, you will have an O2 leak to deal with (among all the other possible failures). If that happens you will have to beat the clock and dock before you die due to the lack of oxygen! Just a little bit of extra drama!

    3- Added it a "autosave" so you can stop a mission, quit and come back to it later.

    4- Cleaned up the app a little like screen flickering or bad voice annoncement sounds.

    I am working as fast I can to get the game released. Once It is released then i will add some more spacecraft targets to dock with (space station...)

    I want to thanks my amazing beta testers for keeping up with me!!

    Take care.

    ps: I am still strugling with the code so the game would work with the Zodiac.

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