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    I know that the treo 680 is suspose to have the capability to stream video but i can seem to get it to work i always get a message that says 404 forbidden or something like that im trying this on the and the google video mobile site i cant get it to work at all i can stream music but when it comes to the video its a no go thanks in advance for any help i get
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    yeah kinoma sucks just as much as the full version. no updates either. youtube yahoo google videos don't work. comedy central itunes nbc and abc(.coms) don't work. haven't tried full kinomas alleged flash support but if its like the wmv support its 1 out of a hundred.
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    MobiTV is a little pricey (about $10 a month), but offers over 30 "3G" channels with streaming audio and video. You get channels like ESPN, Discovery, TLC, etc broadcasted specifically for PDA/Smartphone devices.
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    Is it possible to adjust the bit rate or anything with MobiTV? I understand that my 680 and it's Edge speeds through Cingular are not fast enough for smooth frame rates but I would have thought I could at least adjust things on the client end.

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