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    I use gmail on my 700p directly in the HTML form. Today the format seems to have changed. There seems to be a delete button, which is good. But there is much increased spacing between the names of folders that appears before the actual messages, which is bad. There is limited ability to manipulate the settings in the html format (standard does not work without ActiveX) and so this is annoying. anyone else see this? It does not happen if I use html view on the desktop, only on the Treo.
    Laissez Faire
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    In case anyone else has the same problem, I fixed it by going to Blazer-Preferences-General and unchecking the box "Disable Cascading Style sheets." Alternatively, just run Blazer in normal (not fast ) mode. When you do this the HTML version of gmail on the Treo is awesome. there is now a delete button as well as check boxes
    Laissez Faire

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