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    Does anyone know if I can enter repeat appointments in DateBk6 based on, for example, a meeting that occurs the First and Third Friday of each month?
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    Yes, you can.

    1. Enter your appointment as you would a one time appointment

    2. Tap on the "Det" button

    3. Tap in the rectangle next to the word "Repeat"

    4. Tap on the "Week" option

    5. You'll see the word "Every" a blank line and then the word "Week".

    6. On that blank line type the number "2"

    there is a box at the bottom of the screen that will then read: "Every other week on Thursday (or whatever day you started the appt on).

    I love DateBk6
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    "Every other" doesn't always translate to "the first and second" does it? Or am I confused at the end of this long day?

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    You may need to set up two repeating entries, one for the 1st Friday of the month and another one for the 3rd Friday of the month. Then, you could use the Monthly repeat settings instead of the Weekly settings. Set the repeat to be for Every 1 month and to Repeat by Day.
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    The easiest way to do it is using the Irregular Schedule button. It's in the "Change Repeat" section, on the bottom. Tap the button and it will bring up a monthly view calendar. You can tap on as many dates as you want, such as the first and third of every month.
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