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    I've determined it's a card issue, but not sure of the exact cause. I've had TT running for the past 3 days and all has been well. This morning I received a text message and got an alert screen on top of TT.

    After acknowledging the message, TT went into slowdown mode. I popped out the 2gb card, did a soft reset, and re-inserted the card. Still slow. Removed the card, put in the 256mb card, and TT ran fine. Went back to the 2gb card and TT s in slow motion (I still have all the POI's disabled as well).

    Scanning the card for errors in Windows revealed nothing, but something is obviously wrong. The contents of the 2 cards are virtually identical. I can't find any files that look unusual or out of place on the 2gb card.

    Not really sure what is going on here, but it's really frustrating. Whatever is causing TT to go into slow motion on the 2gb card isn't happening on the 256mb.
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    Gotta be the special Dunkin Donuts POI file. That's what causes cops to slow down, huh?
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