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    A user is having an issue where their glasses are hitting the bluetooth icon when they talk on the phone.

    They are annoyed by having to exit the bluetooth screen before they are able to end the call.

    Is there any way to remove that logo completely from the main screen?

    I've been reading about an application called hidelogo however it seems to only be for the 700W and i'm not sure if it also works for the 700P (i'm assuming not since one is windows mobile and the other is palm OS)

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    Why not set the option to disable the screen during a call?
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    Others, even without glasses, are having this problem of inadvertently touching the screen and bringing up the BT screen. You don't have to exit this screen to hang up a call...just hit the red button and the call will hang up. Of course, you still have the pain of having to exit the BT screen eventually.

    The screen for the 700 seems much more sensitive than the 650 as I never accidentally hung up or brought up another application by touching my ear/face to the screen.
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    search for "obfuscate". this a a program that hides icons of files in ROM.

    or use sandman to turn off the screen when on the phone. map the side key to sandman.
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    Or purchase a case with a screen cover.
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    Start holding the phone in a way that your thumb loosely drapes across the front of the phone (across the red and green buttons). Allow the ear piece to get closer to your ear (so you can hear) and your hand will protect the buttons.
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    Wouldn't the icon simply be replaced with another? Perhaps having to exit the calculator won't be so disruptive
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    As previously stated, just go to prefs and disable the screen during a call--this is the easiest way imho.
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